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Best Places To Shoot Music Videos In Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California is a hub for the music industry, with many famous recording studios, concert venues, and iconic locations. It's no wonder that many music videos have been shot in this city. Here are some of the best places to shoot a music video in Los Angeles:

  1. Downtown LA - Downtown LA offers a diverse range of settings, from gritty alleyways to sleek skyscrapers. The Walt Disney Concert Hall, Union Station, and the Bradbury Building are all popular locations for music video shoots.

  2. Venice Beach - With its colorful murals, vibrant street performers, and quirky shops, Venice Beach offers a laid-back and eclectic atmosphere that is perfect for music videos. The beach itself also offers stunning ocean views and a vibrant boardwalk scene.

  3. Griffith Park - Griffith Park offers a natural and rustic setting for music videos, with its rugged terrain, rolling hills, and scenic trails. The Griffith Observatory is a popular landmark in the park and has been featured in many music videos. Other notable locations within the park include the Bronson Caves, which have been used as a filming location for many Hollywood productions.

In conclusion, Los Angeles has a diverse range of locations that offer the perfect backdrop for music videos. Whether you're looking for an urban setting, a beachy vibe, or a natural landscape, LA has it all. So, next time you're planning a music video shoot, consider one of these iconic locations in Los Angeles. - Steve Brand

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