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Maria Skakun was born and raised in Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Russia. Her carrier started with sport as a rhythmic gymnast. Which later later on led her to dance. 

Growing up surrounded by musicians, it was inevitable that she would try it as well. After graduation from music school playing the piano she picked up the bass guitar and got drowned in a music world completely.
Working at a piercing and hair salon always kept her close to creative people.

And getting a degree in Producing and Directing Sport Events became this cherry on top that she needed to put all those worlds together.

After transitioning to commercial dance world she has built a strong career in Russia by training kids and teenagers (who became champions on multiple national dance championships all over country). She has co-founded and became the director of dance department of "Art City", Studio of Modern Arts. And founded the first commercial dance community in Russia, called "Carpe Diem Project". Maria was a leader and one of the first organizers to create events for teachers and professional dancers in the country. 

But to put her choreography on the stage of championship was never enough. To expand her vision and tell the stories in full she stated shooting her own concept videos. Which became pretty famous all over the country and were shared by artists around the globe. Always inspired by movies and real stories her work has reached out to so many hearts. 

In some ways moving to Los Angeles was inevitable. She took the leap in 2018 and helped her talent expand. Since then she's already gotten a chance to perform and choreograph on biggest stages of the city, Direct and choreograph music videos and teach overseas. 

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