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Two years have passed since Dylan Bradshaw (BA '19) moved to Los Angeles without a job waiting for him. He has since become a full-time commercial director, with work featuring talent and brands like Zach King, Tom Brady, Emma Chamberlain, Dude Perfect, Andy Grammer, David Blaine, the Dallas Mavericks, CeraVe, Credit Karma, WeBull, Artlist, and more. His projects have obtained tens of millions of views across the internet, and he now works as the branded content director at King Studio, a company responsible for producing the most viewed TikTok of all-time, sporting over 2.2 billion views.

Dylan's passion for storytelling has been the driving force in his career. From a young age, he recognized the power of a shared experience, and the impact that filmmaking can have on an individual's life or on an audience of millions. While his career has grown immensely since moving to Los Angeles, he more importantly strives to elevate every room that he steps into both on and off set.

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